northwest A warmists response to "Coilscratchers" post on finders forum
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Saturday August 24 2019 08:27:13 AEST AM
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Contribution to global warming by Australia. Australia has one of the highest per capita emissions of carbon dioxide in the world, with 0.3% of the world's population it produces 1.4% and rising(not the .08% the  finders forum dope "Inhere" claims!) of the world's greenhouse gases. Australia also has the highest per capita emissions in the OECD, with 26 tonnes of greenhouse gasses being emitted per person every year.
Australia's C02 emissions rise for the 4th year in a row.

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Author Topic: A warmists response to "Coilscratchers" post on finders forum  (Read 124 times)
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« on: Sunday May 12 2019 20:29:58 AEST PM »

Answering the the climate  denier dope “Coilscratcher ” climate questions on Finders forum
Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 12:25 pm
“In regard to the hypothesis that catastrophic global warming could be caused by human CO2 emissions, and taking into consideration the scientific method, the following challenges are raised to which 100% of warmists have no answer.”
1. It was warmer earlier in the current interglacial period, particularly during what is called the Holocene Optimum (about 7000 to 3000 BC), than currently, even though the CO2 concentration of the atmosphere was lower.
2. Based on data from the Vostok ice cores, the temperature in each of the four previous interglacial periods, stretching back about 1 million years, reached peaks higher than current temperatures, even though the atmospheric CO2 concentration was lower.
3.  Again based on data from the Vostok ice cores, during past exits from glacial periods, rising atmospheric concentrations of CO2 have followed, rather than preceded, increases in temperature, thus refuting the hypothesis of causation driven by CO2 concentration.  
Answer:to question1,2 and 3 is the same!
  The warming was due to the well known effect of orbital forcing eg primarily Milankovitch Cycles
What are Milankovitch Cycles? Natural global warming, and cooling, is considered to be initiated by Milankovitch cycles. These orbital and axial variations influence the initiation of climate change in long-term natural cycles of 'ice ages' and 'warm periods' known as 'glacial' and 'interglacial' period
The Milankovich cycles are caused by changes in the shape of the Earth's orbit around the sun, the tilt of the Earth's rotation axis, and the wobble of our axis. There are three general factors that determine the forcing changes in the Milankovitch cycles.
1. Eccentricity (the elliptical changes in the earths orbit around the sun)
2. Obliquity (the tilt of Earth's axis toward and away from the sun)
3. Precession (the wobble of Earth's axis toward and away from the sun)
 These natural cycles  or forcings are well known and well understood  and they do not and cannot explain the  last 200 years of warming!
4. In more recent years, the best available (unaltered) data from world thermometers indicate that temperatures declined from approximately the 1940s to the 1970s, even though atmospheric CO2 concentrations were rising during those decades."
Answer: the period from 1940-1970 is the era before coil burning power stations used scrubbers and electrostatic precipitators to remove particulates and sulphur dioxide from stack emissions.
These emissions generated  aerosols   particularly when high sulphur coal was burned. Aerosols are a negative forcing or feedback  ie ,they reduce the solar radiation reaching the earths surface  and lower temperatures.
 The earth cooled in the early 1990 for  about 3 years due to exactly this effect due the enormous eruption of Mount Pinatubo.
So unlike Coilscratcher  the warmist have  scientifically credible answers to his questions!
So back to school for poor old climate denier dope Coilscratcher  and his  climate denier dope Inhere who is still peddling the lies and the myth that   most scientists were predicting an imminent ice diring this period which is simply wrong as  I have shown in other posts here.
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When is 1halfgram4three (a proven forum hacker and  village idiot!) going to stop telling lies on his “forum”?
Reg Wilson
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« Reply #1 on: Sunday May 12 2019 23:04:33 AEST PM »

What on earth can you expect from such redneck drongos Doug? Finders is now just a refuge for fundamentalist retards. ( except for Dingo, Patches, Don and a handful of others). Inhere and his sycophants totally dominate what was once a good forum. Pauline Hanson must own it.
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