northwest Conspiracies & Sea Levels
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Saturday May 28 2016 15:52:58 EST PM
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Read all about  1/2 wits latest inane drivel!!! Ask yourself why this forum always has more guests and members online than 1/2 wits pox, liars and abomination  "forum" (where the hottest topic is:Why is 1halfgram4three such an idiot?- over 3300 views and growing!)and does not need non member, guests to post to be viable!!!!
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When AGW and climate change deniers and right wing ratbags like 1/2 wit and "Inhere" (who still does not know the difference between weather and climate!! and who in my opinion is an insult to common sense and intelligence) on finders have to resort to lies, misrepresentation, cherry picking ,wacky conspiracy theories and pseudo  science then its time to stop listening to them!Unlike "Inhere" the data and the  physical science does not lie! The planet is warming rapidly in response to rising carbon dioxide levels and climate change deniers like "Inhere" are putting our planet and future generations in peril!!! Climate deniers should be charged with conspiracy to defraud!!! Here is a related lecture-video from Denial101x - Making Sense of Climate Science Denial
For those that want to understand why local and global  temperature data is adjusted  and the why this is GOOD science type- Understanding Adjustments to Temperature Data into Google and look at Berkeley Earths site. You will then see why "Inhere" is a total goose and has obviously never worked with scientific instruments used to measure various parameters!! Poor old "Inhere"is a jack of all trades but master of NONE except as a source of disinformation or posting  the rantings of a con man!! He is so easy to rebut on his AGW denial that it is just not funny! Inhere is not capable of any informed or rational debate even less so than 1/2 wit!!!!  Inhere  clearly  does not know how science works and his  wacko climate drivel is  nothing more than ignorant, loony right wing  politically motivated pseudoscience! Inhere's ramblings are a disgraceful attack on science and the integrity of  scientists for which he should be ashamed and be brutally condemned!

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« on: Friday April 20 2012 15:15:09 EST PM »

Climate change Deniers & Conspiracy Theories STILL Abound

Some “Conspiracy theorists agree the data purported to show our planet is warming has been fabricated - but can't agree on whether to blame the East, the West, the Left or the Right…”  Clown

Plots (conspiracies) of various sorts have been mooted.  Most recently it seems they have blamed the popular scientific journal, Nature, and the published methods & findings of reputable scientists. The problems lies in the popular press looking for & seeking controversy to sell!

A recent controversy is provided by one Nils-Axel Morner, claiming that SEA LEVELS are NOT rising!   Wot Bunkum!  
Here is one good response ………

A Levelling  ....... while sea levels Sea Level continue to rise!
(December 8, 2011)


(A rebuttal of Nils-Axel Morner’s rubbish about sea levels.)

“99% of INQUA scientists don’t subscribe to (Morners) view, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the only one who believes this.” The evidence from satellites and tide gauges shows that mean global sea levels are now rising by 3mm a year…." (spokeman for reserchers at International Union for Quaternary Reseach (INQUA) said)

"If people are committed to an unscientific position, no evidence or argument will shake them out of it. Whether they subscribe to AIDS denial, excessive fear of radiation, vaccine scaremongering, homeopathy or creationism, they tend to demand impossible standards of proof from their opponents but to accept any old rubbish that supports their beliefs.

So if you are among those who reject the vast weight of scientific evidence for manmade climate change, I don’t expect this article to persuade you. Ask yourself what it would take to change your mind. If tens of thousands of peer-reviewed papers, against a tiny handful supporting your position; basic physics, demonstrable in a lab; instrumental temperature records spanning 150 years and much else on these lines can’t sway you, what could?

Conversely, which claims will you not accept? Do you believe that volcanoes produce more carbon dioxide than human beings? That the hockeystick graph of global temperatures is a fake? That global warming is a conspiracy cooked up between governments and scientists? If none of the science persuades you, but you accept these groundless claims, your belief is likely to be a religious one, by which I mean unamenable to refutation..."   respect respect

(George Monbiot)  


PS: A little more about Morner's views & silly claims .........


Morner has made groundless claims in other fields."He says he (Morner) possesses paranormal powers to find metal and water with his dowsing rods (but has consistently refused James Randi’s invitations to test them) and that he has discovered “the Hong Kong of the (ancient) Greeks” in Sweden. The archaeologist and chair of the Swedish Skeptics Society, Martin Rundkvist, comments that if Nils-Axel Mörner is associated with a project, it’s “a solid guarantee for high-grade woo.” (ref above)

..... On the one hand you have a massive body of evidence showing that global sea levels are rising, assessed by scientists and widely published in the scientific literature.
On the other hand you have one debunked paper by a serial promoter of mumbo-jumbo, followed by evident falsehoods in publications with no scientific standing."


"It’s your choice, but if you accept Morner’s claims about sea levels, just don’t pretend that you got there by assessing the evidence."
(George Monbiot)  


Views expressed by Huego are without prejudice, in the public / consumer interest or their "right to know"!
Huego reserves his right to: think freely & speculate, express & defend himself with truth as he sees it, entertain, use wit & humour, spread FOX bait, make mistakes & even change his mind
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