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Welcome to the Australianelectronicgoldprospectingforum founded in July 2010, an add free totally independent forum with over 70 boards and paid for and managed by the Admin.Total forum Topics: 8,214 Total forum Posts: 37,364 Members: 551 Total page views: 6,541,159
Admin and  forum owner :marjen at
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STOLEN GP EXTREME s/n 68329,harness and battery stolen from  car in Maryborough.
Interesting post about Codan.
Look at this price for a gpx5000 for the middle east or Africa!!
Some of the many boards on the forum
General chat and discussion forum
Moderator: bugwhiskers
Child Boards: Suggestions forum, Prospecting clubs, Links to other forums, Members gold finds, Prospecting tips and detector techniques, Ground balance Theory, Gps and mapping,distress beacons., Camping and 4wd equipment and bush cooking, Prospecting/mining history,historic gold towns and places, goldfield stories and yarns, E- bay scams or scammers, Basic Questions Forum, Detector testing reports, PMAV, Panning and alluvial gold recovery, Geology, Geochemistry of Placer and Alluvial gold deposits

Electromagnetics and EM fields
Everything relevant to do with electromagnetics and electromagnetic fields.EMC compatibility,EM and remote sensing. Magnetometers, Superparamagnetism, magnetic viscosity,paleomagnetismn, remanence, magnetic susceptibility, magnetic domains, ferro and ferri magnetismn,natural remanent magnetism, hysteresis. Effect of magnetic soils on Time domain and Frequency domain metal detectors.

Earth sciences and related topics
Child Boards: Petrology, Gemstones and minerals, Structural Geology, plate tectonics., Geology videos and Lecture notes , Miscellaneous Geology links , Hydrothermal Mineral Deposits

Geology and occurrence of gold deposits
Child Boards: Gold in NSW and the ACT, Gold in WA , Gold in Victoria, Gold in Queensland, Gold in Tasmania, Gold in S Australia, Gold in the N Territory, Gold in the USA and Canada, Gold in N Zealand, Gold deposits of the world

When AGW and climate change deniers like "Inhere" (who still does not know the difference between weather and climate!! and who in my opinion is an insult to common sense and intelligence) on finders have to resort to lies, misrepresentation, cherry picking ,wacky conspiracy theories and pseudo  science then its time to stop listening to them!Unlike "Inhere" the data and the  physical science does not lie! The planet is warming rapidly in response to rising carbon dioxide levels and climate change deniers like "Inhere" are putting our planet and future generations in peril!!! Climate deniers should be charged with conspiracy to defraud!!!
Here is a related lecture-video from Denial101x - Making Sense of Climate Science Denial

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