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Monday May 30 2016 20:36:33 EST PM
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Read all about  1/2 wits latest inane drivel!!! Ask yourself why this forum always has more guests and members online than 1/2 wits pox, liars and abomination  "forum" (where the hottest topic is:Why is 1halfgram4three such an idiot?- over 3400 views and growing!)and does not need non member, guests to post to be viable!!!!
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When AGW and climate change deniers and right wing ratbags like 1/2 wit and "Inhere" (who still does not know the difference between weather and climate!! and who in my opinion is an insult to common sense and intelligence) on finders have to resort to lies, misrepresentation, cherry picking ,wacky conspiracy theories and pseudo  science then its time to stop listening to them!Unlike "Inhere" the data and the  physical science does not lie! The planet is warming rapidly in response to rising carbon dioxide levels and climate change deniers like "Inhere" are putting our planet and future generations in peril!!! Climate deniers should be charged with conspiracy to defraud!!! Here is a related lecture-video from Denial101x - Making Sense of Climate Science Denial
For those that want to understand why local and global  temperature data is adjusted  and the why this is GOOD science type- Understanding Adjustments to Temperature Data into Google and look at Berkeley Earths site. You will then see why "Inhere" is a total goose and has obviously never worked with scientific instruments used to measure various parameters!! Poor old "Inhere"is a jack of all trades but master of NONE except as a source of disinformation or posting  the rantings of a con man!! He is so easy to rebut on his AGW denial that it is just not funny! Inhere is not capable of any informed or rational debate even less so than 1/2 wit!!!!  Inhere  clearly  does not know how science works and his  wacko climate drivel is  nothing more than ignorant, loony right wing  politically motivated pseudoscience! Inhere's ramblings are a disgraceful attack on science and the integrity of  scientists for which he should be ashamed and be brutally condemned!

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Author Topic: Plutocracy (Rule by the Wealthy) ..... Pure & Simple  (Read 193 times)
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Dark Knight? No, Sunny Days!

« on: Friday April 20 2012 16:14:12 EST PM »

Plutocracy, Pure and Simple
(February 20, 2012)

"Now it’s a straight fight with the billionaires and corporations"

By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 21st February 2012

"Shocking, fascinating, entirely unsurprising: the leaked documents, if authentic, confirm what we suspected but could not prove. The Heartland Institute, which has helped lead the war against climate science in the United States, is funded among others by tobacco firms, fossil fuel companies and one of the billionaire Koch brothers....

It appears to have followed the script written by a consultant to the Republican party, Frank Luntz, in 2002....

Should the public come to believe that the scientific issues are settled, their views about global warming will change accordingly. Therefore, you need to continue to make the lack of scientific certainty a primary issue in the debate.


Another excellent article by George Monbiot!  respect respect

Shocking revelations about HOW the WEALTHY RETAIN POWER & CONTROL to RETAIN THEIR WEALTH!  It does this through the Hearland Institute!
It explains their motivations & tactics.
It does this by actively eroding the credibility behind good CLIMATE SCIENCE!

Read the above ....... it puts a shudder down your spine!


Views expressed by Huego are without prejudice, in the public / consumer interest or their "right to know"!
Huego reserves his right to: think freely & speculate, express & defend himself with truth as he sees it, entertain, use wit & humour, spread FOX bait, make mistakes & even change his mind
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