northwest “Doubting Thomas”(alias “Granite 2”) you are a truly dumb arsed climate denier!
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Thursday August 6 2020 16:49:06 AEST PM
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Author Topic: “Doubting Thomas”(alias “Granite 2”) you are a truly dumb arsed climate denier!  (Read 134 times)
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« on: Thursday January 16 2020 15:57:59 AEDT PM »

“As for climate change, there has not been one iota of proof that carbon causes climate change. more and more scientists are looking at and doubting the models that suggest co2 is the culprit”.
Climate change is not based on climate models that suggest C02 is the culprit!
Climate change is based on the well known and long accepted physics of greenhouse gases which says that if you increase the atmospheric concentration of a known greenhouse gas (C02)then the earth will warm in response ie greenhouse induced warming. If C02  induced greenhouse warming is occurring then  the physics of greenhouse warming makes some predictions.Satellite and balloon data and  host of other data and evidence have born out ALL the predictions.
Let me give one example,
Satellite and balloon data show that the troposphere is warming and the stratosphere is cooling and the boundary between the two is rising to higher altitudes as predicted by the C02 induced  greenhouse effect.
Now I challenge you  to tell us  what other other explanation you can give to explain these satellite observations over  the  last 40 years. Show us some credible science and data to support your alternative explanation of these observations, or why the observations are wrong or why C02 is not a greenhouse  gas which should give us all a good laugh.
doug smile
 Ps if you truly believe in what you are  posting on finders about climate change then i challenge you to come here and have a rational, science based debate on the topic.
I am not holding my breath because you do not want you last shred of credibility on climate change ripped from you!

I had one halfgram free forum shut down for persistent  violations of proboards TOS. So suck it up llanbric! My "pseudo legal claptrap" to pro boards worked groinrash so suck it up too!!!
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australian electronic gold prospecting  |  Off topic  |  Off topic  |  Climate change  |  Topic: “Doubting Thomas”(alias “Granite 2”) you are a truly dumb arsed climate denier! « previous next »
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