northwest Global warming is part of a natural cycle?
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Thursday June 27 2019 20:02:08 AEST PM
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QED news
New GB timing algorithm being tested in the QED.
Climate news
Contribution to global warming by Australia. Australia has one of the highest per capita emissions of carbon dioxide in the world, with 0.3% of the world's population it produces 1.4% and rising(not the .08% the  finders forum dope "Inhere" claims!) of the world's greenhouse gases. Australia also has the highest per capita emissions in the OECD, with 26 tonnes of greenhouse gasses being emitted per person every year.
Australia's C02 emissions rise for the 4th year in a row.

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Author Topic: Global warming is part of a natural cycle?  (Read 157 times)
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« on: Friday January 11 2019 11:38:24 AEDT AM »

Global warming is part of a natural cycle’–This idea is one short step above appealing to magic
While it is undoubtedly true that there are natural cycles and variations in global climate, those who insist that current warming is purely natural — or even mostly natural — have two challenges.
First, they need to identify the mechanism behind this alleged natural cycle. Absent a forcing of some sort, there will be no change in global energy balance. The balance is changing, so natural or otherwise, we need to find this mysterious cause.
Second, they need to come up with an explanation for why a 40% increase in the second most important greenhouse gas does not affect the global temperature. Theory predicts temperature will rise given an enhanced greenhouse effect, so how or why is it not happening?
I await  Inhere or groinrashes   on Finders  forum to identify a mechanism behind this natural cycle and to tell us why a 40% increase in the atmospheric concentration  of C02 will not effect the global temperature. Then they can tell us what natural  cycle can explain why the  earths troposphere is warming and the stratosphere is cooling!.

Current warming is clearly not natural cycle.

Human fingerprints on climate change rule out natural cycles

PS Inhere why do you continue to make an idiot of yourself by  making such ill informed statements like this-”Does It appear possible to you that they covered all the area in thirty days, as suggested by this University of California San Diego, jpg? “
The jpg shows the position of Argo float data transmission in the 30 days to January 8, 2019.
The Argo floats drift ie change location!!!! They measure ocean currents at 1000m by the distance they  move in a defined time. After this task they rise to the surface at a slightly different location to resume monitoring.The buoys in the S ocean move appreciable distances from their starting location!
The full array of Argo float shave been monitoring ocean salinity and temperature since 2007 and a small array started monitoring in 2000
Globally, 800 floats need to be deployed each year to maintain the Argo array at the desired design density of one float every 3 × 3 degrees.
doug smile
PS inhere this is something you need to understand then you won't make such a goose of your self!!!
The profiling floats used in Argo are 2 m-long, freely drifting robotic devices that adjust their depth in the ocean by changing their buoyancy. In the con­text of Argo, the majority of these instruments are programmed to drift at a nominal depth of 1,000 m (known as the parking depth). A typical duty cycle of an Argo float is shown in Fig. 1. Floats are launched at the sea surface and dive to the parking depth. After a ~9-day interval at the parking depth, the floats descend to 2,000 m, then rise over a period of roughly 6 hours to the sea surface, sampling ocean properties such as temperature and salin­ity during their ascent. At the surface the data are transmitted to land stations via satellite; the floats then descend back to the park­ing depth to begin another cycle. A typical float will repeat this 10-day cycle in excess of 200 times over the course of five years or more. Over 10,000 floats have been deployed by the nations participating in the programme since the beginning of Argo, with almost 3,900 floats now operating over the world ocean.
In addition to the Argo data  their is a huge database  of XBT temperature data and data from 70  fixed equatorial floating buoys and other buoys and the temperature data from HMAS  Challenger taken in the 1870's. The data shows that the upper 2000 m  of the ocean is unequivocally warming!
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All posts on this forum are the personal views of the author and should  not necessarily be  interpreted as those of Admin.
When is 1halfgram4three (a proven forum hacker and  village idiot!) going to stop telling lies on his “forum”?
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