northwest Scientists Are 99.9999 Percent Sure Humans Caused Climate Change
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Thursday January 28 2021 19:04:27 AEDT PM
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Author Topic: Scientists Are 99.9999 Percent Sure Humans Caused Climate Change  (Read 151 times)
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« on: Thursday January 16 2020 14:02:01 AEDT PM »

Scientists Are 99.9999 Percent Sure Humans Caused Climate Change
"The narrative out there that scientists don’t know the cause of climate change is wrong. We do."
Dan RobitzskiFebruary 26th 2019
No, We’re Sure
New analysis of 40 years’ worth of satellite data shows that it’s a near-certainty that humanity is actively causing global climate change.
Climate deniers often claim, in the face of overwhelming evidence, that the planet is heating up and natural disasters are becoming more intense and common just because that’s the way it is — incorrectly insisting that humanity’s love affair with fossil fuels has nothing to do with it. Now, scientists say the chances that that’s true are just one in a million.
Yep, Pretty Sure
According to the research by scientists at California’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, that’s because climate data has now reached a so-called “gold standard” of scientific evidence — there’s only a one in a million chance that ongoing climate change could have been caused by anything other than humanity

Evidence for man-made global warming hits 'gold standard': scientists

How We Know Today's Climate Change Is Not Natural

by Renee Cho |April 4, 2017
“Gavin Schmidt, director of National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, said that scientists look at a lot of different things at once.
“We have a very, very clear understanding that the amount of heat in the ocean is increasing—the ocean heat content is going up by a lot,” said Schmidt. “That implies that there must be an external change in the radiation budget of the earth—more energy has to be going in than leaving.
“There are a number of ways that can happen, but each of them has a different fingerprint. If the sun were brighter, we would see warming all the way up through the atmosphere from the surface to the stratosphere to the mesosphere. We don’t see this. We see instead warming at the surface, cooling in the stratosphere, cooling in the mesosphere. And that’s a signature of greenhouse gas forcing, it’s not a signature of solar forcing. So we know it’s not solar.”
Moreover, according to the World Radiation Center, the sun’s radiation has not increased since at least 1978 (when satellite monitoring began) though global temperatures over the last 30 years have continued to rise.
In addition, the lower atmosphere (troposphere), which is absorbing the CO2 and expanding as it gets warmer, is pushing the boundary between the troposphere and the stratosphere upwards. If the sun’s radiation were the main factor responsible for Earth’s warming, both atmosphere layers would likely be warming and this would not occur.
Scientists also can distinguish between CO2 molecules that are emitted naturally by plants and animals and those that result from the burning of fossil fuels. Carbon molecules from different sources have different numbers of neutrons in their nuclei; these different versions of molecules are called isotopes. Carbon isotopes derived from burning fossil fuels and deforestation are lighter than those from other sources. Scientists measuring carbon in the atmosphere can see that lighter carbon molecules are increasing, corresponding to the rise in fossil fuel emissions”.

Analysis: Why scientists think 100% of global warming is due to humans
doug smile
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