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Monday February 26 2018 06:14:12 AEDT AM
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« on: Thursday November 5 2015 10:36:43 AEDT AM »

Hi Doug.

Did you see this on the     forum??

New style coil

Have a look at this test done at the Talbot site, a look at the New spiral 15”in Ultimate DD.


It's Stinky Pete from Daisy Hill.
His swinging style is pretty hopeless, lifting it at either end of the sweep. This introduces ground noise.
Note the constant EMI on the 5000 in fine gold and the poorer responses. Running a DD in Fine gold is not a good idea either.

See the differences in responses when switched into the Normal timing, and again when using the standard 18"inch DD.

I have tested detectors at this site, but only once because it is not very Kosher at all, some holes are too short and not drilled far enough into the side wall.

Therefore parts of the coil flux travels through the air over the edge of the bank to the target, and this gives a (false) enhanced impression of the responses heard.

The so called “Deep” test hole is really a farce, being too short in length, and at some stage the top of the bank above this hole had collapsed.

So instead of drilling another hole, the old one has been back filled with disturbed red clay, wood and rock etc. This has subsided a bit since that time (years) and has a hollow directly above the target area.

Even so this coil does look interesting, especially if it was run in the right settings and kept parallel to the surface on each swing.

But I wonder how heavy it is??

Cheers Alluvium.

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