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Tuesday July 16 2019 03:56:00 AEST AM
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« on: Monday January 28 2019 15:12:36 AEDT PM »

A High-Performance Portable Transient Electro-Magnetic Sensor for Unexploded Ordnance Detection
HaofengWang 1, Shudong Chen 1, Shuang Zhang 1,*, Zhiwen Yuan 2, Haiyang Zhang 2,
Dong Fang 2 and Jun Zhu 2,*
1 College of Electronic Science and Engineering, Jilin University, Changchun 130012, China;
   (H.W.);    (S.C.)
2 Science and Technology on Near-Surface Detection Laboratory, Wuxi 214035, China;
   (Z.Y.);    (H.Z.);    (D.F.)
* Correspondence:    (S.Z.);    (J.Z.); Tel.: +86-510-6875-2529 (J.Z.)
Received: 1 October 2017; Accepted: 14 November 2017; Published: 17 November 2017

Abstract: Portable transient electromagnetic (TEM) systems can be well adapted to various terrains,
including mountainous, woodland, and other complex terrains. They are widely used for the
detection of unexploded ordnance (UXO). As the core component of the portable TEM system, the
sensor is constructed with a transmitting coil and a receiving coil. Based on the primary field of the
transmitting coil and internal noise of the receiving coil, the design and testing of such a sensor is
described in detail. Results indicate that the primary field of the transmitting coil depends on the
diameter, mass, and power of the coil. A higher mass–power product and a larger diameter causes
a stronger primary field. Reducing the number of turns and increasing the clamp voltage reduces
the switch-off time of the transmitting current effectively. Increasing the cross-section of the wire
reduces the power consumption, but greatly increases the coil’s weight. The study of the receiving
coil shows that the internal noise of the sensor is dominated by the thermal noise of the damping
resistor. Reducing the bandwidth of the system and increasing the size of the coil reduces the internal
noise effectively. The cross-sectional area and the distance between the sections of the coil have little
effect on the internal noise. A less damped state can effectively reduce signal distortion. Finally,
a portable TEM sensor with both a transmitting coil (constructed with a diameter, number of turns,
and transmitting current of 0.5 m, 30, and 5 A, respectively) and a receiving coil (constructed with a
length and resonant frequency of 5.6 cm and 50 kHz, respectively) was built. The agreement between
experimental and calculated results confirms the theory used in the sensor design. The responses of
an 82 mm mortar shell at different distances were measured and inverted by the differential evolution
(DE) algorithm to verify system performance. Results show that the sensor designed in this study can
not only detect the 82 mm mortar shell within 1.2 m effectively but also locate the target precisely.
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All posts on this forum are the personal views of the author and should  not necessarily be  interpreted as those of Admin.
When is 1halfgram4three (a proven forum hacker and  village idiot!) going to stop telling lies on his “forum”?
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