northwest Modified SD2000s
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Saturday February 16 2019 07:52:43 AEDT AM
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Author Topic: Modified SD2000s  (Read 48 times)
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« on: Thursday February 7 2019 17:15:21 AEDT PM »

 I thought I should start this thread as separate discussion from Goldman’s QED thread.

What you said in that thread:

“looks like il have to do some testing now mate  . the one i had years ago the rite frequency was perfect for smaller nuggs, it had the 4 potion switch.. found my first ever bit with it, this one has only got a 3 position switch, did you say yours had 4 positions.”

Then YES my modified SD2000 (renamed SD2000GPM) did have a 4 pos.freq.switch as shown in Top Pic below with the VCO (green knob) for manual adjustment to further frequencies in addition to the 4 fixed frequencies that are activated by turning the black knob from top position 1 through to position 4 at the bottom.  A switch is used for either the VCO or Fixed Freq. to be activated.

The Next Pic displays the rear control panel with the addition of two black knobs on left side which are for GAIN adjustment to either BALANCE 1 or BALANCE 11. The other black knob on right is for additional GROUND BALANCE adjustment to BALANCE 11 since it can run out of ground balance adjustment over highly mineralised ground.

The Next Pic displays the External Variable Voltage Regulator which also included an Audio Amplifier as well.

The Final Pic at bottom is some of my test results with 2000GPM on larger targets and some strange results.

P.S. As I recall there were other GPM variations as well.
And I think I've got each mod named correctly in the pics.

* SD2000GPM with 4 Pos.Freq.Switch & VCO (Medium).jpg (291.14 KB, 768x995 - viewed 30 times.)

* SD2000GPM with Extra GAIN & GB Adjustment. (Medium).jpg (241.72 KB, 755x1366 - viewed 30 times.)

* SD2000GPM Voltage Regulator & Audio Amplifer (Medium).jpg (198.01 KB, 939x768 - viewed 30 times.)

* Some Test Results.jpg (66.6 KB, 752x200 - viewed 30 times.)

"The more you know, the more you know you don't know."
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australian electronic gold prospecting  |  Common interest forum.  |  General chat and discussion forum (Moderator: bugwhiskers)  |  Topic: Modified SD2000s « previous next »
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