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Friday April 19 2019 16:17:39 AEST PM
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Author Topic: New moderator at golddetecting.forumotion  (Read 122 times)
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« on: Tuesday October 2 2018 11:56:57 AEST AM »

New moderator at golddetecting.forumotion
I see that “wombat” has  joined the moderating team at  golddetecting.forumotion. I am disappointed and surprised that  wombat would join the mod team after all that happened with the  reporting of the QED test results with  Reg  Wilson. One of the current mod team suggested that the test results  may not be  valid because  the QED's were prototypes  “where they could fiddle with the machine” which is totally ill informed, untrue, defamatory and commercially damaging and could   imply that the testers and the detector maker were involved in a  conspiracy to deceive  to gain commercial benefit. The Mod has not  to the best of my knowledge  made a public apology  or corrected the misinformation. Then to make matter worse the mod says  that while Wombat is a respected member their are other members who “i would take a  more notice of”!! ie the  mod questions  wombats  detecting expertise,  experience, integrity and ability  to interpret  the test results! What a slap in the face and put down for  a  forum member! Then  to cap off this  sorry saga  Reg Wilson  and JRBeatty get banned for  posting QED info and trying to correct the misinformation! The Mod responsible for all this is in my opinion, biased, incompetent and unfit  to be a moderator and should as they did briefly before resign their position. If this does not  happen then  Wombat I suggest that you rethink your position. How can you work with someone who  says  their are other "members that they would take more notice of"?
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edited:Tuesday October 2 2018 12:30:02 AEST PM

All posts on this forum are the personal views of the author and should  not necessarily be  interpreted as those of Admin.
When is 1halfgram4three (a proven hacker and  village idiot!) going to stop telling lies on his “forum”?
Why is "the rat" too spineless and frightened to join this forum?
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