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Friday April 19 2019 16:27:26 AEST PM
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Author Topic: What do think?  (Read 3398 times)
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« Reply #120 on: Sunday May 27 2018 22:31:04 AEST PM »

not sure but if you look at old posts its the same 5 dimwits bagging qed all the time, they know who they are, i publicly outed them for it over on flinders  good luck

You're not doing the QED or Howard any favours by being a dick on other forums bloke.
The machine is a good one, and a couple of seasons will show that, and the baggers will eat crow.
You definatley don't sound unbiased on the other forums, you come across as a rank newbie with loads of enthusiasm, but positive input about the detector at all.
Just saying.
Its not a personal attack on you, but you arnt helping the QED the way you are going about it.
but its ok for the fab 5 to attack qed , the maker, and owner of this forum. like i advised you over on flinders go back to page1 of 142 pages and start reading, then get back to me. also you do not even own a qed so why you here, as far as im concerned, im done telling you to go and read, all the best at margaret diggings too   good luck
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« Reply #121 on: Sunday May 27 2018 22:54:38 AEST PM »

Play the ball not the man genius.
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australian electronic gold prospecting  |  Pi metal detector by Bugwhiskers  |  QED Detector ,latest updates  |  Topic: What do think? « previous next »
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