northwest Proposed Investigation into Additional Prospecting Areas in Parks
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Sunday March 26 2017 04:30:15 AEDT AM
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Author Topic: Proposed Investigation into Additional Prospecting Areas in Parks  (Read 1104 times)
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« on: Friday August 24 2012 13:13:48 AEST PM »

Proposed Investigation into Additional Prospecting Areas in Parks
The Minister for Environment and Climate Change will request the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council (VEAC) to investigate additional prospecting areas in parks.
Comments are being sought on the proposed terms of reference for this investigation by 5pm on Friday 14 September 2012:
Map of proposed additional prospecting areas in parks 
doug smile

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« Reply #1 on: Friday December 14 2012 22:13:12 AEDT PM »

Here is a follow up I received from Rita Bentley (Pres. PMAV) today with a message ...........

It is important that everyone gets involved in the Inquiry.  Please circulate this far and wide!


attached message .........

* Prospecting-NoI-advertisement.pdf (24.88 KB - downloaded 40 times.)

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« Reply #2 on: Saturday December 15 2012 21:38:02 AEDT PM »

This is of some importance. I recently studied the History Of Gold Nugget Finds in Victoria and was dismayed to find most were found well below the surface. A large number were found at between 100-200 feet in shafts but get this...only about 25 surface nuggets have been found since 1860.

A ballpark estimate would put the average at about 10 feet. I could be off the mark but not that many this side of 5 feet. Not nearly as many as you would expect. They are still there, but the guy who spoke of odds and a fly landing on a sixpence at the MCG may have been closer than you think.

This is why you hear the talk of 'only flyshit now', 'all the nuggets have gone' round the traps.
Best advice is to get a deep searching coil, or detector, the deeper the better to keep up with the Joneses. Trying the aliexpresses and other Chinese sellers looks good, if you have a trial period. This isthe way to go IMHO.

It's important more areas are opened up for detecting. It's all very well imagining the next guy will do something but get off your excuses and study these proposals. WA is drawing more prospectors. You can't enter the farms here. The farmers won't even allow their relatives on them. The only alternative is opening up more areas. Fresh land=more nuggets. We may have been born 100 years too late , but this is another chance at the objective. smile
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