northwest What Manual Tune Setting Do You Use On Your GPX 4500
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Friday April 20 2018 16:56:05 AEST PM
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Author Topic: What Manual Tune Setting Do You Use On Your GPX 4500  (Read 808 times)
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« on: Wednesday November 10 2010 14:16:24 AEDT PM »

Why does the Manual Tune On The 4500 Not allow subgram gold to be heard on my machine .2 to .3 grammers make no responce at all on certain numbers
but if i dial In 100-104 they boom In.
I read with Intrest authere (Ron's) post quote

If you can make it go higher, all the better,we have found that even on 33 (freq.) it will pick up nugg's we have missed previously, but higher is the best way to go on sub grammers.

Regards Ron

Are they all different ????
Regards BuckAu


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« Reply #1 on: Wednesday November 10 2010 14:46:18 AEDT PM »

i have my 4500 between 87 - 95 all targets boom in on this setting,
if emi gets a bit iffy i just go either side a couple of notches.

the 5000 i have found the range between 70 - 80 best for that machine :)

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Anything is possible!
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« Reply #2 on: Wednesday November 10 2010 16:24:21 AEDT PM »

Hi All,

You have to realise that we are on a salt lake using DD coils in cancel on nuggs .1gr and under, walk over the patch in one freq. and get a few try a new freq. and get more but by far the best setting in this mode would be flat out at 255.

We can walk over the same piece of ground with these settings and find more gold that didn't exist before, to me it says that the orientation of the nuggs are susceptical to freq. because that is all we change.

We have found larger nuggs... .6gr can be almost invisible no matter what the freq. so its got to do a lot with shape and orientation, mostly shape, some nuggs which have been spotted do not detect at all. Mind you i am not going to go thru 397 nuggs to find them but they exist.

It brings up the point of does this happen with large nuggs as well, my guess is definitely yes!!!

With my findings i am wondering if we are missing big ones using those settings below 100 freq. because it all has to do with shape and orientation, in other words .. what a detector can SEE is what you will find.

The common theory is that a lower freq. will deliver longer pulses and penetrate the big nuggs deeper whereas a higher freq. gives out the rapid fire which has a better chance of picking up the smaller surface which is presented to the detector

Anyway thats my findings, make of it as you will, i know what worked for me and i guess will help people to get more out of there patches.

It will  be good to see what eventuates from these findings

Regards Ron
« Reply #3 on: Wednesday November 10 2010 18:50:38 AEDT PM »

Hi Ron,

You are spot on mate, the tiny gold likes a high frequency, and big gold likes it anywhere between 80 to 100.
We proved this again last weekend at the test patch, my 4500 likes around the 98 setting for best response on deeper big gold.

When it was turned up or down a few points at a time, the signal slowly disappeared completely at about the 7th click.
I remember M/lab and JP saying Frequency is not important quite a while back, now I see JP is coming around to what we had said on this ages ago.

It makes a lot of difference if you miss a Multi ounce nugget. !!

Regards  Alluvium.
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« Reply #4 on: Wednesday November 10 2010 20:53:47 AEDT PM »

Hi Alluvium,

Thanks for that Alluvium, I still found that some nugg's do not exist on some freq's, we had to keep changing freq's to keep the tally coming in, so its not just a high freq. that does it.

Some nugg's would be difficult to pick up because of orientation and some because of shape and most have their freq. that lets them be discovered(my opinion!!)

As for missing a multi ounce nugg, it would be nice to have the opportunity, but in saying that, i am sure that we have left a lot of nugg's in the salt lake

We are waiting patiently for it to rain as we found it breaks up the(something,probably the bond between the salt and minerals) and allows us to penetrate to the nugg's below much better.

I could experiment and pour water over a few patches and note the difference but its getting far too warm to be playing around in the sun as we are usually back by 10-11 o'c most mourn's now

Anyway, Regards Ron
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