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Friday April 20 2018 22:46:31 AEST PM
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 on: Today at 16:33 
Started by Doug - Last post by Doug
Listen to  an expert on glaciers- Full interview with Lonnie Thompson
Lonnie Thompson and his wife have spent most of their adult  life studying   glaciers worldwide.They drill the glaciers to bedrock and then take the frozen ice cores to a repository to be studied  further in detail and as a historical record.Anyone that doubts that most of the worlds glaciers are  receding (and some have gone already) should look at these videos.
Lonnie Thompson: OSU World Class Scientist & His Warning About Melting Glaciers
doug smile

 on: Today at 10:43 
Started by IBGold - Last post by Muntari

Dont know what size you need , but check out the industrial grade used for the food industry to cover large things in kitchens.

Hi 6666,

Thanks, and thanks for the info, I will have a look to see what i can find, 500 mm wide foil would do the trick nicely.



 on: Today at 00:11 
Started by IBGold - Last post by 6666
Thats great work,

aluminium foil that is wide enough

Dont know what size you need , but check out the industrial grade used for the food industry to cover large things in kitchens.

 on: Yesterday at 15:31 
Started by Doug - Last post by Doug
"where has all this water gone given the small rises in world sea levels ?"
This question has been raised on finders forum by Goldengus the goose!
If he bothered to do any research and reading he would know that about 1/2 the sea level rise measured since 1980 (roughly 3cm) is due to melting of land ice.The remaining sea level rise is mostly due to  oceanic thermal expansion. As posted here earlier sea level  rise appears to be accelerating based on data from satellites and the increasing loss of arctic and antarctic ice  mass (grace satellite data).
doug smile

 on: Yesterday at 14:55 
Started by sd220d Digger - Last post by gef12
Correct me if am wrong Bugs .. but the beach QED was the original prior to it being released to market  ... from memory

 on: Yesterday at 14:35 
Started by Doug - Last post by Doug
Calculating glacier ice volumes and sea level equivalent
How do we estimate the global volume of ice?
The IPCC and other outlets frequently indicate how much sea levels will rise under given climate change scenarios [1]. Other times, you might see that such and such volume of ice (km3) is equivalent to so many millimetres of sea level rise (sea level equivalent (SLE); the amount of sea level rise on full melting of the ice). But how are these calculations made?
doug smile

 on: Yesterday at 12:08 
Started by IBGold - Last post by Muntari
Hi All,

A bit more progress on vacuum former.
Worked out best position for heater then cut some cement board heat shield pieces to fit frame.
The board will be lined with polished aluminium sheet, or, if I can source it, aluminium foil that is wide enough.
It will act as a reflector and keeps cement board cool.
Tried a bit of aluminium foil and it works well but only had enough for 2 sides. Main thing is, it works.
With a cover on top, it reaches oven temperatures easily.
Next, cement board side walls will be added and maybe some insulation too, although, I don't think it is really required.

On the safety side of things, the pendulum on the heater tilt switch has been removed so the heater can be use laying on its back but the fan,thermostat element switches and vent holes have been left in original state.
An over temperature control and cut out mains contactor and breaker will be wired in to shut things off in the case of thermal run-away or over-current.

More later



 on: Wednesday April 18 2018 20:09:54 AEST PM 
Started by sd220d Digger - Last post by GARY
It was interesting to read on another forum that the latest MODE 16 (Beach Mode) for the QED, which operates with no Ground Balance, was then able to be used over wet salty ground at a beach.

Stinky Pete's video clip in this thread displays him operating the QED over wet ground at the beach however he does not mention if the QED was set in Mode 16 or if that QED had been updated with that particular mode.

Being able to operate without a GB should certainly produce the best depth.

My QED has been updated to Mode 15 as BW continues to develop this detector.


 on: Tuesday April 17 2018 21:11:31 AEST PM 
Started by Aziz - Last post by 6666
I hope this works out to a good end for you both, its a difficult time watching your friends and  loved ones struggle through health issues, I've spent a lot of time in emergency wards doing that , Get well soon

 on: Tuesday April 17 2018 17:07:06 AEST PM 
Started by Aziz - Last post by Aziz
Hi guys,

thank you very much.

It is really a hard work to convince her parents, her doctor, authorities, etc...
No one has recognized her disease yet. Not even a bunch of doctors.
She must have it for a long time (>15 years).
I'm just writing a report for these losers.

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