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 on: Today at 10:50 
Started by Aziz - Last post by Muntari
Great invention Muntari .

Hi 6666,

Thanks, I am going to add another part to the cutter assembly which will carry a spool of wire and feed it into the path of another narrow roller which will press the wire into groove.

If this works as expected, I'll transfer this design to the small spiral cutter design.
Looking at that pipe cutter I purchased from Bunnings, the body is cast alloy and has a pressure adjusting knob. I'm thinking of using that complete section on the little spiral cutter project as you could manually adjust depth of cut.



 on: Today at 10:39 
Started by Aziz - Last post by Muntari

Hi WM6,

Yes, I'm going to tweak a few things to make it even faster.

I'll draw up some plans for a simple spiral cutter once I've done some test coils.



 on: Today at 09:57 
Started by Aziz - Last post by 6666
Great invention Muntari .

 on: Today at 01:11 
Started by Aziz - Last post by WM6

6) Using this method rather than milling, the machining time went from 45 minutes to 15.

Super, and no milling residue this way.

Still have no idea how you solve your spiral CNC machining project. Anyway great work.

 on: Today at 00:26 
Started by Aziz - Last post by Muntari
Hi All,

Here is the chop down of the Pipe cutter (only require the shaft and wheel assembly)

There was  little bit of lathe work to remove thread and bring shaft down to 6 mm collet size but in the final version, you wont need to do that.

The locking nut was simply some of cut off from original pipe cutter.

I will write up a complete assembly and parts etc but for now just some photos.



 on: Today at 00:05 
Started by Aziz - Last post by Muntari
Hi All,

So I did some testing with my prototype creasing wheel for making spiral formers with foamed PVC and XPS.

Pictures show how it went. The Craftright pipe cutter from Bunnings worked Ok with a bit of hacking

I learnt a few things,

1) It will work but you must use a trailing or drag knife style setup
2) The wheel diameter could be smaller and width a tad thinner (for smaller coils)
3) Foamed PVC can be pressed cold
4) The material is not uniform in thickness, the stuff I have from Bunnings (Palfoam) ranges from 5.5 to 6.2mm
5) I will make a purpose built attachment that bolts onto my Z Axis frame instead of spindle
6) Using this method rather than milling, the machining time went from 45 minutes to 15.

Question I have...How much has the dielectric constant changed by compressing the material?

More later



 on: Yesterday at 20:28 
Started by Doug - Last post by Doug
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doug smile

 on: Yesterday at 16:37 
Started by 6666 - Last post by 6666

 on: Yesterday at 13:25 
Started by WM6 - Last post by WM6
"Today, China supplies 97% of the world's demand for rare-earth metals,
thanks to a far-sighted government policy going back to the 1960s that
envisaged the rare earths as “the oil of the twenty-first century”. "


 on: Yesterday at 13:10 
Started by Doug - Last post by Doug
The gold regions of Australia : a descriptive account of New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia : with particulars of the recent gold discoveries / by Samuel Mossman 1852
doug smile

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australian electronic gold prospecting  |  Recent Posts

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