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Saturday June 24 2017 05:10:59 AEST AM
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Another satisfied QED user! QED user report for 9 days detecting! User loves it, found it easy to use,found gold with it and he prefers it to his 5000! Also a report on a QED used at the beach for coin shooting.QED users reporting in with their multi ounce gold finds with the QED! More QED users reporting in! QED users are reporting that they do not find "bias drift" an issue!
The QED pictured is backward compatible with the current QED and has been designed and made by a member here. The firmware and circuit are identical with the current version except for a change in the face plate and control box. Changing to this configuration will NOT void the warranty when performed by the control box designer as it has been endorsed, approved and authorized by the QED manufacturer. The 4th button will not work at this time as the  firmware update for that has not been created yet and when its available will be provided free of charge (other than postage costs)by BW. QED Detector ,latest updates board is only available to registered forum members.

Goldsearch Australia has been appointed the Australian Distributor for the QED. QED info on the Goldsearch website has been updated.
This is the only forum where you can talk directly with the designer/ manufacturer of the QED and  also some very experienced QED users.
Jrbeatty and Reg Wilson  and  Yellowfin  (or Doug here for that matter!)have NO vested  or pecuniary interests(or secret deals or cash for comment or any other undisclosed benefits )in the QED other than using it to find gold which it is doing very successfully!

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 on: Thursday June 22 2017 15:34:22 AEST PM 
Started by Huego - Last post by Huego
 Thanks for that Gary, Sounds an interesting series. I have heard of it.

Will watch out for it if I can access it via SBS (freeview).

 happy face

 on: Tuesday June 20 2017 16:42:48 AEST PM 
Started by Huego - Last post by GARY
With you mentioning Einstein Huego I have been watching on Foxtel a great Drama series named Genius which is 10 episodes on the story of how Albert Einstein became a flawed, daring, creative genius and the greatest scientific mind of the 20th-century.

Two actors play the part of a young and an older Einstein the older being played by Geoffrey Rush.

 I have the 1Q3 Foxtel box so if anyone has the package that under the Library setting and then On Demand the Genius series and episodes are there under Drama as well as many other great Drama series.



 on: Tuesday June 20 2017 15:21:52 AEST PM 
Started by Huego - Last post by Huego

She… "has never had a boyfriend, smoked a cigarette, or drunk an alcoholic beverage. Instead, she spends her free time exploring the concepts of quantum gravity, black holes, and spacetime, the mathematical model that combines space and time into a single continuum."


"Among the papers she’s published, which are listed along with other accomplishments on her website, “Semiclassical Virasoro Symmetry of the Quantum Gravity S-Matrix,” “Gaussian Measures and the QM Oscillator,” and “Low’s Subleading Soft Theorem as a Symmetry of QED.

And she has studied and published on "the Symmetry of QED” ……  Neat!!  what a gal!

 happy face

 on: Friday June 16 2017 09:43:17 AEST AM 
Started by Doug - Last post by Doug
The 'mini ice age' hoopla is a giant failure of science communication
“This month there's been a hoopla about a mini ice age, and unfortunately it tells us more about failures of science communication than the climate. Such failures can maintain the illusion of doubt and uncertainty, even when there's a scientific consensus that the world is warming.
As discussed previously, the impact of a new Maunder minimum on climate has been studied many times. There's 40% more CO2 in the air now than during the 17th century, and global temperature records are being smashed. A new Maunder minimum would slow climate change, but it is not enough to stop it.
News Corp's Andrew Bolt used the mini ice age to attack climate science. Many climate sceptic bloggers readily accepted the story, despite climate never being mentioned in the peer-reviewed paper.
The media failed in its duty to investigate and inform. It didn't seek expert comment to put the research into context. Instead journalists tried to answer technical climate science questions themselves, and mostly got it wrong
The scientist at the centre of the media storm, Valentina Zharkova, told USA today:
In the press release, we didn't say anything about climate change. My guess is when they heard about Maunder minimum, they used Wikipedia or something to find out more about it.

Solar Influence on Global and Regional Climates
Surveys in Geophysics
July 2012, Volume 33, Issue 3, pp 503–534
The literature relevant to how solar variability influences climate is vast—but much has been based on inadequate statistics and non-robust procedures. The common pitfalls are outlined in this review. The best estimates of the solar influence on the global mean air surface temperature show relatively small effects, compared with the response to anthropogenic changes (and broadly in line with their respective radiative forcings)
The Future

We have no predictive models of the solar dynamo (see review by Weiss and Thompson 2009) and so can only make empirical analogue forecasts of future solar output changes. From solar-induced variations of cosmogenic isotopes over the past 104 years, Lockwood (2010) and Barnard et al. (2011) have deduced that there is an 8% chance that the Sun will return to Maunder Minimum conditions within 50 years. The recent evolution of solar cycle 24 indicates that the Sun may well be following such a trajectory (Owens et al. 2011). Feulner and Rahmstorf (2010) and Jones et al. (2012) have used GCMs and EBMs to predict that this will offset anthropogenically rising global temperatures by no more than about 0.2°C in the year 2100, relative to what would happen if the solar output remained constant. Similarly, Lean and Rind (2009) find that the solar decline would delay the arrival at a given temperature level by no more than about 5 years. Thus, these predictions show that continued solar decline will do little to alleviate anthropogenically driven global warming. However, the decline should do much to end the debate about the fraction of global warming that can be attributed to solar change. For the first time since about 1900, long-term solar and anthropogenic trends are now in opposite directions. Non-robust fits will fail sooner rather than later because of the change in solar behaviour. Thus, the next few years will give us much better estimates of the solar contribution to both global and regional climate change. For global temperature rise, there is every indication that these new estimates will, if anything, be smaller that previous estimates. On the other hand, there are indications that some regional climates will be more susceptible to solar changes (Lockwood et al. 2011a, b). Understanding spectral irradiance variability and differentiating “top-down” and “bottom-up” solar forcings will be needed as these will have very different effects on the spatial patterns of the responses and will behave differently in combination with other changes, such as sea ice loss. Key advances in this area will be made in modelling, with higher resolution in time and space, better understanding of numerical noise and of the relationship of natural climate variability to that in the model behaviour, fewer parameterisations, better definition of the inputs forcings and inclusion of more biological responses alongside the physical and chemical mechanisms.


There Probably Won't Be A “Mini Ice Age” In 15 Years
doug smile

 on: Wednesday June 14 2017 10:19:23 AEST AM 
Started by Doug - Last post by Doug
Under 4 Pound, Under $2000 GBPI Challenge
The QED in my opinion will satisfy ALL of Steve's requirements in my opinion. Its very lightweight, ergonomic, well under $2000 US, has high EMI immunity will handle mineralized ground, is very sensitive to small nuggets and gives  comparable depth to any ML  PI on other sized nuggets and can use mono coils from 6"-24". However it does not have FCC compliance and at the moment all QED's are hand made and thus  the production rate is very limited at this stage. The QED will beat the White's TDI SL for both  depth and sensitivity. The Whites dealer here in Vic now uses the QED for all his gold detecting!
Feel free  to cross post this to Steves forum.
doug smile

 on: Monday June 12 2017 14:08:58 AEST PM 
Started by Doug - Last post by Doug
NASA Discovers a New Mode of Ice Loss in Greenland
“A new NASA study finds that during Greenland's hottest summers on record, 2010 and 2012, the ice in Rink Glacier on the island's west coast didn't just melt faster than usual, it slid through the glacier's interior in a gigantic wave, like a warmed freezer pop sliding out of its plastic casing. The wave persisted for four months, with ice from upstream continuing to move down to replace the missing mass for at least four more months.
This long pulse of mass loss, called a solitary wave, is a new discovery that may increase the potential for sustained ice loss in Greenland as the climate continues to warm, with implications for the future rate of sea level rise.”
doug smile

 on: Monday June 12 2017 13:32:38 AEST PM 
Started by Doug - Last post by Doug
Joan Wulff Teaches the Basics of Fly Casting
A legend in fly casting! I wish i could make fly casting a easy as she does!
doug smile

 on: Thursday June 8 2017 10:07:13 AEST AM 
Started by Doug - Last post by Doug
Interview: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist
Emma Alberici speaks to astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, with answers to your questions about science and the universe.
doug smile

 on: Wednesday June 7 2017 22:17:53 AEST PM 
Started by Doug - Last post by WM6
It can make your TV "Smart" and possibly receive and process 4K ULTRA HD signal,
but, if your TV is not able to present true 4K, there is no way to enjoy in true 4K resolution.
Down-converted 4K signal (by interlacing) can be presented even worse, than without such box.
So, we are left with some "smart" android function only, using this "TV-Frog".
In addition: probably old TV should have at least 1080p resolution and HDMI input to be able to
work with this box (mean: not every "old" LCD or Plasma TV is compatible with this box).

 on: Wednesday June 7 2017 17:09:30 AEST PM 
Started by Doug - Last post by Doug
Introducing TV frog
doug smile

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