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Sunday February 19 2017 23:01:38 AEDT PM
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 on: Friday February 17 2017 22:12:27 AEDT PM 
Started by bugwhiskers - Last post by Davent
OK, I think I accidentally found the null today, at around 54,

 on: Friday February 17 2017 21:11:34 AEDT PM 
Started by bugwhiskers - Last post by bugwhiskers
The small target is a rising pitch and the large a falling pitch.
When looking for both rising and falling pitch targets it's best to put BIAS in the neutral position (around 50) and raise VOLUME to create your desired threshold level. To ascertain neutral BIAS (which does change a bit with temperature) locate the neutral position which is determined by raising and lowering it and taking note of the numbers. Let's say as you raise BIAS until it starts to get to a certain volume level at 57, Lower it through the null point until you get the same volume level at perhaps 44. The range is 57-44=13. Halve the 13 say 6 and add 6 to 44=50 and you now have the null point. It sound complex but easy when you know how.
To determine if a buried target is a nail, swing at it from different angles and if the signal changes to a "double" at a different angle then it's probably a nail.
Sometimes when a target is only picked up on one swing direction and not the other it indicates that the target is at the threshold of detection distance. Instead of swinging sideways over the target (the norm) try moving the coil forward and backwards over it. Often you will then hear it in both directions. Methinks it's coil related.
When swinging over a target allow the audio to recover before swinging back the other way. You will figure all this stuff on your own. I am just trying to speed up the learning process.

 on: Friday February 17 2017 18:53:30 AEDT PM 
Started by bugwhiskers - Last post by Davent
Deffinatly could have got the 3.5 gm a bit deeper, its was 7.5 inches and loud and clear. The 37 gram one I thought would have boomed in, but didn't.....bias?

 on: Friday February 17 2017 18:32:39 AEDT PM 
Started by bugwhiskers - Last post by Eski
Hey Dave, Next time you are out test the Mode by having coil on ground and elevating the target. you will need to re- ground balance for each mode change but you only do the exercise once per coil - Then write the Mode number on the coil with Permanent marker...

On a side note - would have thought you'd get those targets a bit deeper...

 on: Friday February 17 2017 18:20:34 AEDT PM 
Started by bugwhiskers - Last post by redcaveman
Hi Davent
thanks for the video , nice to see it in action
and yep, a bit green up your way
keep'em coming
cheers red

 on: Friday February 17 2017 17:11:10 AEDT PM 
Started by bugwhiskers - Last post by Davent


Hope you don't mind a couple of clips on Doug, feel free to move or remove them if you don't like them....I'm no film maker!

 on: Friday February 17 2017 16:04:17 AEDT PM 
Started by bugwhiskers - Last post by Dusty641
Well I have read enough reports now to put my name on the wait list. Changing jobs now to another mine but this one is a week on/week off roster so when things cool down enough up here I will be giving the QED a red hot workout. There is a certain property out west that does the "pay to play" thing and has only been catering to detectorists for a couple of years with some good finds in that time so that's me sorted......  smile 

 on: Friday February 17 2017 15:47:32 AEDT PM 
Started by Doug - Last post by Doug
Earth electricity: a review of mechanisms which cause telluric currents in the lithosphere
doug smile

 on: Friday February 17 2017 15:44:32 AEDT PM 
Started by bugwhiskers - Last post by Davent
Crap, yes I meant I had NO PROBLEMS picking up all of my targets, sorry about that.  I did try in the long grass, and dug my 1st real target, it was just a small bit of tin, but I'm going to try a pushed area tomorrow.

Thanks! Had me and BW worried for a while!!! Good to know that you like the QED so far!
doug smile

No need to worry fellas, its a bloody good metal detector. Thanks.

 on: Friday February 17 2017 15:33:21 AEDT PM 
Started by bugwhiskers - Last post by gef12
I buried and marked the two bits of lead, the 3.5 gm is at 7.5 inches and the QED with 12" evo pings it very clearly, the 37 gm one is at 11.5 inches, with about another inch piled on top so it will settle in time. Again the QED picked it up with the 12" evo, but not as well as the 7.5 inch target. Did not suffer ground noise, and I did have a few emi spikes, but at this time of the year, I expect that, and at the same area, I have had to leave because of emi, its right on the highway, next to the rest stop, gef12 will know where I mean. All up, I love the QED, easy to use and light. The 0.15 speck I didn't bury, but I picked it up at over 3 inches very clearly. Took some video, and will try to load it on u tube.

Probably the dirty generator down the track
hope it be fine tmw .. thanks for the post Dave

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australian electronic gold prospecting  |  Recent Posts

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