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Monday June 25 2018 06:29:07 AEST AM
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 on: Friday June 15 2018 02:17:10 AEST AM 
Started by sd220d Digger - Last post by dasenator777
Yep never rains only pours  smile

Thanks for doing the experiment, you wrote .62 but the piece should be .06
Hopefully I will have my machine back in a couple of days with new firmware .
thanks for picking up on the mistake have just changed it, you will definately notice the difference runs way smoother, did you get the agb as well, cheers buddy... happy face

 on: Friday June 15 2018 01:08:02 AEST AM 
Started by sd220d Digger - Last post by 6666
Yep never rains only pours  smile

Thanks for doing the experiment, you wrote .62 but the piece should be .06
Hopefully I will have my machine back in a couple of days with new firmware .

 on: Thursday June 14 2018 20:53:09 AEST PM 
Started by Aziz - Last post by dasenator777
happy face Hi Aziz,

May your Quartz be rich an more ways than one.

Regards, Ian. happy face
hi ian i can see the area at mongalata your talking about on google maps, have you been out further to the black flag diggingd, about 5km n/e, from main leases, cheers buddy  happy face, also came across another area near my main stomping groung you know where im on about lol, peppermint gully, looks like a biy a activity was there, seems to be the head of my main diggings  smile

 on: Thursday June 14 2018 18:28:07 AEST PM 
Started by sd220d Digger - Last post by dasenator777
GOLD TODAY;;;;; found the 2 smaller ones with the 8 inch commander, the bigger bit and the speci was recovered with the nugget finder 12 inch. when we dollied up the speci we got almost a gram of good stuff out of it. today here was like a spring day, bit cold till around 11am then nice blue skies all day, perect detecting weather here.  excited happy face excited

Good work, now that you have a bit of experience would you mind trying a quick experiment with your 8" coil, could you try a .06 gram piece of lead  I dont expect you to cut up a real nugget , just an air test will be enough but on the ground or in the ground would be more telling,  I would be interested in the result, thanks.
hey mate as its been raining on and off last 2 weeks aint been able to do S??? outside, i made a 0.062 bit of lead after a lot of trimming, used the settings i have been using, bias 48, vol 80, gain 5, mode 6. gb neutral. can pick that bit of lead up in air test at 4 to 5 inches clearly. when weather racks off i plan to make a bit of a test site out the goldfiels, 45 degree pipes belted in the ground and removed, that way i can keep most of the soil above target undisturbed, i feel that the way ararat gold did it straight down then dropped nugget in and back filled, all the soil above target is disturbed, dont know if the way i do it will be alot better than his but it should be over 90 percercent accurate this way, got rain for 5 more days yet.... shit happens!

 on: Thursday June 14 2018 16:06:37 AEST PM 
Started by Aziz - Last post by IBGold
 happy face Hi Aziz,

May your Quartz be rich an more ways than one.

Regards, Ian. happy face

 on: Wednesday June 13 2018 19:08:15 AEST PM 
Started by Aziz - Last post by geof_junk
Bloody hell, grinding the quartz sand is really hard work.
But I'm look for the so-called "coin shooting" while drawing/painting.

The hard work is not too bad if there is some Au in the Quartz  smile

 on: Wednesday June 13 2018 09:51:12 AEST AM 
Started by Doug - Last post by Doug
 This forum has a captcha test for an application for membership  which will stop spambots.However it does not have a  captcha test for guest posting. I would be forced to rely on the forum firewall and the bad behavior  mods to stop spambots or human spammers. It is a risk  i am not prepared to take.
doug smile

 on: Wednesday June 13 2018 09:41:22 AEST AM 
Started by Doug - Last post by Doug
Fifteen years of ocean observations with the global Argo array
 Riser Stephen C. 1, Freeland Howard J. 2, *, Roemmich Dean 3, Wijffels Susan 4, Troisi Ariel 5, Belbeoch Mathieu 6, Gilbert Denis 7, Xu Jianping 8, Pouliquen Sylvie 9, Ann Thresher 4, Le Traon Pierre-Yves 10, 11, Maze Guillaume 9, Klein Birgit 12, Ravichandran M. 13, Grant Fiona 14, Poulain Pierre-Marie 15, Suga Toshio 16, 17, Lim Byunghwan 18, Sterl Andreas 19, Sutton Philip 20, Mork Kjell-Arne 21, Joaquin Velez-Belch Pedro 22, Ansorge Isabelle 23, King Brian 24, Turton Jon 25, Baringer Molly 26, Jayne Steven R. 27
 Nature Climate Change February 2016, Volume 6 Issue 2 Pages 145-153

Given that they provide a comprehensive baseline of today’s ocean state, the Argo observations have been especially useful in examining ocean changes on time scales of decades and longer. A stunning example25 has  used contemporary Argo observations in conjunction with data from the HMS Challenger expedition, carried  out in the second half of the 19th Century. The study reveals a warming of the ocean over the past 135 years of  nearly 0.6°C near the sea surface, tapering to near zero at depths near 1000 m (Fig. 3). Over the upper 900 m of much of the ocean there is an average increase in temperature of over 0.3°C over the 135-year study interval.  This work, further supported by analogous results in climate models26, underscores the changing nature of ocean properties and the need to sustain global observing systems over long periods and, further, that recent changes in  ocean temperature likely predate the sparse global-scale ocean datasets of the past half century.
A more detailed comparison of Argo profiles available in the time frame 2004-2008 with data in the ship-based  data archive (containing data collected through 20012) shows global-scale changes in both temperature and  salinity in the upper kilometer of the world ocean in recent decades. The comparison suggests that most  regions of the world ocean are warmer in the near surface-layer than in previous decades, by over 1°C in some  places. A few areas, such as the eastern Pacific from Chile to Alaska, have cooled by as much as 1°C, yet  overall the upper ocean globally has warmed by nearly 0.2°C since the mid-20th century. A recent update of 1this work shows the warming continues to be observed through at least 2013.”
doug smile

 on: Wednesday June 13 2018 09:35:37 AEST AM 
Started by Doug - Last post by Doug
Atmospheric composition 1 million years ago from blue ice in the Allan Hills, Antarctica
John A. Higgins, Andrei V. Kurbatov, Nicole E. Spaulding, Ed Brook, Douglas S. Introne, Laura M. Chimiak, Yuzhen Yan, Paul A. Mayewski, and Michael L. Bender
PNAS June 2, 2015. 112 (22) 6887-6891; published ahead of print May 11, 2015.   
1. Edited by Mark H. Thiemens, University of California at San Diego, La Jolla, CA, and approved April 16, 2015 (received for review December 1, 2014)
Bubbles of ancient air trapped in ice cores permit the direct reconstruction of atmospheric composition and allow us to link greenhouse gases and global climate over the last 800 ky. Here, we present new ice core records of atmospheric composition roughly 1 Ma from a shallow ice core drilled in the Allan Hills blue ice area, Antarctica. These records confirm that interglacial CO2 concentrations decreased by 800 ka. They also show that the link between CO2 and Antarctic temperature extended into the warmer world of the mid-Pleistocene.
doug smile

 on: Tuesday June 12 2018 23:07:34 AEST PM 
Started by Aziz - Last post by Aziz
Hi friends,

The tourists will do it for me. At the end of the summer season, there will be sure some youtube videos and pictures anywhere in the internet.

No, this girl isn't naked enough.

Look here. This is so cute and its baroque:
François Boucher - The Triumph of Venus
I have to ask the authorities, whether this is ok.

I have at least three subjects to begin:
2x Caravaggio
1x Reni (“L' Aurora” )

1x Boucher (the link above)

Enough for 4 to 8 weeks of work.
Bloody hell, grinding the quartz sand is really hard work.
But I'm look for the so-called "coin shooting" while drawing/painting.

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