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Wednesday January 25 2017 10:19:21 AEDT AM
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QED coming soon!
Goldsearch Australia has been appointed the Australian Distributor for the QED.Check their website after  Wed 7th Dec 2016.
Global temperature goes from heat record to heat record, yet the sun is at its dimmest for half a century.
What is empirical  evidence?
Empirical evidence is information acquired by observation or experimentation. This data is recorded and analyzed by scientists and is a central process as part of the scientific method. Why is everything posted on climate by Inhere always horseshit?
Poor old  Inhere on finders still does not know the difference between weather and climate!The silly old goat seems to think because some places have recently had very cold weather that this brings into question  AGW!  Only right wing rabble rubbish climate deniers like horseshit Inhere don't  seem to understand  that AGW will mean that some regions of the earth will become colder!
Why is  onehalfgram :1/2 wit always wrong  on the QED?

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 on: Wednesday January 18 2017 09:43:53 AEDT AM 
Started by Huego - Last post by Huego
I wonder how poor Inhere slept last night, dreaming about the cooling and heating effects of climate change ...

Meanwhile, the minimum temp in Sydney last night was 28 C and at 8 am was 35 C...

I guess Inhere will need to switch on the AC for some local cooling ... but hang on that means burning more coal for power used... maybe there are energy alternatives that dont cause warming? .. in theory. Its so confusing out there Inhere with those climate scienists creating projects & lab jobs.

 happy face

 on: Tuesday January 17 2017 12:43:19 AEDT PM 
Started by bugwhiskers - Last post by gef12
Ye Bugs has kept it simple using the KIS strategy "Keep It Simple"
no frustrating menus to navigate thru ..less the better so you can get on with your prospecting ..thumbs up  whohoo whohoo

 on: Tuesday January 17 2017 11:17:32 AEDT AM 
Started by bugwhiskers - Last post by mylab

See the latest QED post on finders by  "Yellowfin."

Yellowfin's reports on Page 32 are excellent examples of the QED's Mode functionality.  

Also the settings he posted for the 11" coil shows the QED does not need or require the amount / array of settings that the GPX or GPZ has on offer which could confuse the operator to use for best results.

Sometimes less is better and it appears this may be the case with the QED as more results filter in from the goldfield.

 on: Tuesday January 17 2017 09:03:47 AEDT AM 
Started by bugwhiskers - Last post by bugwhiskers
I find the two coils example fascinating. Its like Coil #2 had more "gain", enough to offer better depth than Coil #1 even though it was receiving the sample later (Mode #3).

The signal from the coil is amplified by the PREAMP and then processed by the the Integrator that is used as a null summation/averaging means as published by Eric Foster in 1968. An integrator works on amplitude and time. Perhaps the slower coils parasitic capacitance extends the time and faster coils provide greater amplitude.

 on: Tuesday January 17 2017 08:49:31 AEDT AM 
Started by bugwhiskers - Last post by redcaveman
 Cool thumbs up!

 on: Tuesday January 17 2017 07:54:36 AEDT AM 
Started by bugwhiskers - Last post by greylourie
I find the two coils example fascinating. Its like Coil #2 had more "gain", enough to offer better depth than Coil #1 even though it was receiving the sample later (Mode #3).

 on: Monday January 16 2017 23:05:02 AEDT PM 
Started by bugwhiskers - Last post by Doug
 See the latest QED post on finders by  "Yellowfin."
doug smile

 on: Monday January 16 2017 12:48:36 AEDT PM 
Started by Doug - Last post by mylab
Thanks Doug.

My of my 3.8dwt (5.8grams) so if we were to divide by 3 then that would be near on 2 grams each AND he dug the smallest one at a 32 inch depth with a 19" coil. 

Even if it was 5.8 gram or 6 gram and at a 32 inch depth then if we were to refer to that recently released depth chart comparing the 14" coil to the 19" coil the test results there show for this 32 inch depth (close to 800mm) the GPZ19 achieved that depth on a 60.5 gram nugget using the same HY/N (High Yield / Normal) setting as to what this fellow used. Although he does not mention other settings other than the Sensitivity at 20 mention which is maximum.

The next reply in that thread is asking if he had videoed the dig.

 on: Monday January 16 2017 09:35:49 AEDT AM 
Started by bugwhiskers - Last post by Doug
Re  Reg Wilson.
A few things need clarification with regard to  Reg wilson.
Firstly Reg is not a member of this forum and I have had no personal contact with him at all .Nor have I ever met him except perhaps in the past at PMAV general meetings. As far as BW  goes I believe that its only very recently that  Reg made contact with him and asked could he test a QED after seeing it work in BW backyard. Reg has had no input into the design and has no pecuniary or other vested interest in the QED other than it may be useful addition to his prospecting armory due to the QED's ability to scan the ground at high sweep speeds without losing any signal  resolution or  apparently  any sensitivity/depth although more testing on deeper targets needs to be done.
The QED's very light weight and ease of use and good GB  and easy pinpointing would further enhance the ability of the QED to  very quickly cover a lot of ground when hunting for new patches which is what Reg is all about. Reg has no QED agenda other than it may be another useful tool for his prospecting endeavors.
doug smile
Edited:Monday January 16 2017 09:40:38 AEDT AM

 on: Monday January 16 2017 09:16:00 AEDT AM 
Started by Doug - Last post by Doug
Have you got a link?

“----I did go out and play with it in an old stomping ground that I've got. After eight hours of swinging that long and bringing home two pounds of trash. I did find 3.8 dwt in three nuggets.  The smallest one I dug up at 32 inches and had the sensetivity at 20 in high yield and normal soil..”
doug smile

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