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Friday May 26 2017 15:26:07 AEST PM
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Welcome to the Australianelectronicgoldprospectingforum founded in July 2010, an add free totally independent forum with over 70 boards and paid for and managed by the Admin.Total forum Topics:8,720 Total forum Posts:41,532 Members: 662 Total page views:8,000,164  Admin and  forum and domain name owner :marjen at Guests can only see a limited number of boards at present and cannot see any links. Guest cannot post and never will be permitted too!Registration of new members must be approved by admin.Anyone known to have any past or present association with Codan/ML or acting on their behalf as a proxy or intermediary  will not have their registration approved. All  original Photos and posts and  original materials displayed on this site are COPYRIGHTED and remain the property of the poster and the All messages on this forum express the personal views of the author and should not be interpreted as necessarily being in accord with those of the forum owner and neither the owner of this forum and its domain name nor SMF or the forum software developers or the forum host shall be held responsible for the content of any message. Admin reserves the right to remove any offensive or objectionable posts. No defamatory material or politics/religion or issues of race will be permitted.
Another satisfied QED user! QED user report for 9 days detecting! User loves it, found it easy to use,found gold with it and he prefers it to his 5000! Also a report on a QED used at the beach for coin shooting.QED users reporting in with their multi ounce gold finds with the QED! More QED users reporting in! QED users are reporting that they do not find "bias drift" an issue!
The QED pictured is backward compatible with the current QED and has been designed and made by a member here. The firmware and circuit are identical with the current version except for a change in the face plate and control box. Changing to this configuration will NOT void the warranty when performed by the control box designer as it has been endorsed, approved and authorized by the QED manufacturer. The 4th button will not work at this time as the  firmware update for that has not been created yet and when its available will be provided free of charge (other than postage costs)by BW. QED Detector ,latest updates board is only available to registered forum members.

Goldsearch Australia has been appointed the Australian Distributor for the QED. QED info on the Goldsearch website has been updated.
This is the only forum where you can talk directly with the designer/ manufacturer of the QED and  also some very experienced QED users.
Jrbeatty and Reg Wilson  and  Yellowfin  (or Doug here for that matter!)have NO vested  or pecuniary interests(or secret deals or cash for comment or any other undisclosed benefits )in the QED other than using it to find gold which it is doing very successfully!

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 on: Sunday April 2 2017 13:03:47 AEST PM 
Started by Doug - Last post by Doug
 Compare this SC to what is actually posted on my index page news. For the forum concerned it may well be the final straw as far as the forum's host goes, as it is just one of many examples of its breaches of its TOS.
doug smile

 on: Thursday March 30 2017 16:23:32 AEDT PM 
Started by Doug - Last post by Doug
Its good to see both experienced and newbie QED users and  prospective users joining the forum. This is the best place to share  their experiences and  the only place where you can speak directly with the  designer and maker of the QED.
doug smile

Since the QED was released the forum has gained 53 new members.21 this month so far! happy face
doug smile

 on: Wednesday March 29 2017 17:11:45 AEDT PM 
Started by Doug - Last post by Doug
 Its good to see both experienced and newbie QED users and  prospective users joining the forum. This is the best place to share  their experiences and  the only place where you can speak directly with the  designer and maker of the QED.
doug smile

 on: Tuesday March 28 2017 22:32:28 AEDT PM 
Started by Doug - Last post by algore_rhythm
Using a "Carriage service with the intention to menace" carries severe penalties in Qld.
It would not be too difficult for investagators to track down whoever does this by following that person(s) digital footprints. Anyone doing this sorta stuff in the modern day really is naive and frightfully stupid!

 on: Tuesday March 28 2017 22:12:14 AEDT PM 
Started by Doug - Last post by algore_rhythm
Do you suppose the large amount of rain up there could spread into the clermont area, shifting a fair whack of soil, as they are expecting in excess of 700mm in the coming days?

 on: Tuesday March 28 2017 18:05:44 AEDT PM 
Started by Doug - Last post by WM6
Good luck to everyone there.

 on: Tuesday March 28 2017 13:38:28 AEDT PM 
Started by Doug - Last post by Doug
 I hope that everyone stays safe as it looks to be a mega category 4  maybe even  category 5 cyclone.
doug smile

 on: Tuesday March 28 2017 13:35:15 AEDT PM 
Started by Doug - Last post by Doug
Maybe ML  might correct  obvious design flaws and issues inherent in the  current SDC in the next model SDC (probably more expensive and "improved" ?)
doug smile

 on: Tuesday March 28 2017 13:12:36 AEDT PM 
Started by Doug - Last post by Doug
 What I personally find disgraceful  about this issue is that i can't find any acknowledgement by ML of the obvious  design flaws and issues inherent in the SDC.
ML appear to churning out the bloody thing with exactly the same flaws and faults! Another case of profits before people!!!!
At least with the QED some  issues that need addressing have been acknowledged by BW! He has shown that he is willing to listen to what the consumer is saying and acknowledge it, which is more than can be said for ML and the SDC!
doug smile

 on: Tuesday March 28 2017 11:57:53 AEDT AM 
Started by Doug - Last post by Doug
The SDC2300 litany of problems and design flaws

The supplied headphones lead is "Curled" (some users have heated  them make straight to increase their length), some users have  pulled out the lead and since the plug isn't compatible to other headphones of the GPX users, they are forced to use the built in speaker until they can find a replacement, of which is "Nenard's" at a cost of $100+.
This will then fail as well and you will then need to spend another 100 bucks.!

Due to it's target size ability, some targets are not worth time or effort  digging!Who wants to waste time digging micro trash targets?
The small coil and the smooth timings greatly restrict the depth capability of the SDC on bigger nuggets.

It is very heavy for its size with no harness or designated point of which you can "Hook up With"
If you are tall then you will have to stoop using the SDC which may lead to lower back problems!

 Folding it up- Whacking the top display just doesn't seem OK and it hurts us (physically and mentally) to do it.

A  serious Design Flaw- Collapsible arm piece keeps on collapsing! It won't stay fixed without adding PVC or something similar.

It  has No Volume Control- A booster amplifier with an external Speaker or headphones can  solve this issue, but ultimately means spending even more money on this unit!!

 Fixed Coil size- Leaves the owner with little other detecting options, also what happens when  the coil wears out or fails?, You will will need to send it back to ML at your cost  because you cannot use another coil!

You need to more  money spent on extras like booster, external speakers and better headphones and  pay for modifications   because ML won't rectify the numerous design flaws!

Battery compartment needs tape over it on the outside ,this somewhat reduces the risk of it  flying open suddenly  when out in the field, since it's only held close by a small plastic latch.This detector was supposedly tested to and conforms to Military specifications! What a joke!

Detector  falls over if not laid properly, to eliminate this issue, if you can buy a "Cover protector" of which the makers have added a built in stand .More money you have to spend because ML won't rectify the  numerous design flaws !

The Built in speaker  is on wrong side for most users and points away from the user!How stupid is that!

The SDC headphones are of  very poor quality compared to other headphones and you need to tape the headphone leads to minimize the risk of pulling it off"

ML when are you going to recall the SDC 2300 to fix the numerous design flaws which have been posted on many forums by SDC users?
doug smile

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