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Title: Terms and conditions of membership and forum use
Post by: Doug on Friday October 3 2014 11:08:44 AEST AM
Welcome to the Australian Electronic Gold Prospecting Forum,thanks for visiting. This is an independent, adult forum to discuss all aspects of detecting for gold and gold prospecting,gold geology,gold panning and all associated outdoor activities and has over 70 boards. Looking for new places to detect? Then this is the forum for you! Slowly building up a database from all the old newspaper reports on nuggets found in all Oz states. The forum is also about encouraging and assisting in the development of new, competitively priced ,top performing non Minelab metal detectors to increase consumer choices and encourage real technical innovation in metal detectors.MEMBERSHIP OF THIS FORUM SHALL SOLELY BE AT MY DISCRETION. ALL SPAMMERS WILL BE REJECTED. KNOWN TROUBLE MAKERS AND TROLLS FROM OTHER FORUMS WILL NOT BE REGISTERED AS MEMBERS. MEMBERS are NOT permitted to join under more than one forum name or alias. Private IP addresses are not permitted and will be automatically blocked. All robots or non members using proxy servers to try and post, register or log into the forum will be automatically blocked. YOU must post a current, personal and valid IP address and email address when registering as a member of this forum. Guests cannot see any pictures attached to posts or links in posts.At my discretion some members may be placed in a restricted membership category where they do not have access to some boards. At my discretion inactive members that have not logged into the forum for more than 360 days may have their membership terminated. At my discretion members who have not made any posts may have their membership terminated.Any person or persons associated directly or indirectly with ML or ML dealers will not be registered as a member. All Photos and posts and materials displayed on this site are COPYRIGHTED and remain the property of the Poster and the All messages on this forum express the personal views of the author and should not be interpreted as necessarily being in accord with those of the forum owner and neither the owner of this forum and its domain name nor SMF the forum software developers shall be held responsible for the content of any message. The owner reserves the right to edit or delete any posts. Admin :konigslair at or jenmar1au at